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We have been manufacturing optical fiber for a long time, and we can provide guidance when it comes to purchasing fiber optics.

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Whenever you build special products, you need special components and materials. Our optical fiber factory and production lab are among the best in the industry.

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We have the experience and the right manufacturing process to develop products from prototype to mass production.


Our experience in numbers


35 years

Experience in industry





10 – 20%

annual growth rate


Global operation

Present in 4 continents



Employees and still growing

Our values
and standards

Lightguide International is a dynamic and ambitious European fiber production company that develops, manufactures and supplies optical fibers, fiber bundles, communications grade fiber, cables and laser delivery systems for cutting-edge, highly sophisticated scientific, industrial, aerospace, and medical applications worldwide. We strive to bring together our technical expertise with cutting edge innovation, thus ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers.

We live in an innovation-driven world where new technologies and products emerge all the time. Our mission is to offer innovative and reliable products that meet our customers’ needs. We care about every detail and material that goes into your fiber optic cable and other specialty products.


We strive to make data transmission better and more reliable while reducing costs. Our ultimate goal is to become your partner of choice when it comes to optical fiber production, manufacturing, and assembly.

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Our team of advisors can help you figure out which components, what types of fiber optic cable to order, and what solutions would be the most effective for your project and application needs.

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