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LGO-Saturn Side Fiber®

LGO-Introducer Set for LGO Saturn Side Fibe

LGO-Saturn Slight Side Fiber


LGO Saturn Side Fiber®

Standard features:

- SMA 905 plug (other plug types and bushings available)
- Probe with cm marking for safe treatment
- length: 2.5 m (costom special design possible)
- ETO sterilized
- shelf-life: 5 years
- intended for single use
- double packed in sterile pouches


Fiber core diameter
Saturn: 600 µm - Saturn Slight: 400µm

Application diameter
Saturn: 1.8mm - Saturn Slight: 1.26mm

Fiber ends
quartz dome with emission of 360°

With its 360° radiation and an optimized treatment, the Saturn Side Fiber® is a future oriented development for medical applications in the field of phlebology. The fiber is excellently qualified for a usage in a wavelength range of 980 nm and 1470 nm.

The LGO Introducer Set can be used as an introductory aid for the LGO Saturn Side Fiber®. The set consists of the following components:
• Introducer Sheath 6F x 110mm
• Dilator 6F x 170mm
• Seldinger needle 18G x 70mm
• Guide wire 0.038"


- phlebology
This medical fiber is used for the endovenous laser treatment of the v
ena saphena magna and the vena saphena parva at patients with insufficiency of their veins.