LGO-Hemorrhoid Probe™


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LGO-Hemorrhoid Probe™

For treatment of third and fourth grade hemorrhoids

standard features:

- SMA 905 connector
- length: 2.5 m
- ETO-sterilized
- double packed in sterile pouches
- up to 5 years sterile shelf life

custom special connectors and fiber types are available, too

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Fiber diameter
core: 600 µm, outer diameter: 1300 µm

Fiber tip
polished conically, outer diameter 1.8 mm

Emission pattern
forward directed cone

The LGO-Hemorrhoid Probe™ is designed for a gentile treatment of hemorrhoids and minimizes side effects on anal sphincter and intestinal mucosa. The conical probe can be introduced into the hemorrhoidal pile without incision, thus leaving no open wounds.

This product has got maximum efficacy in the wavelength range of 980 nm and 1470 nm. A compatible introducer with depth marker is offered as accessory product to ease the treatment.


Coagulation and shrinkage of tissue in the hemorrhoidal pile in case of abnormal hemorrhoids of grade three and four, which require treatment