LGO-Fistula Probe™


LGO-Fistula Probe™

For treatment of fistula-in-ano

standard features:

- SMA 905 connector
- length: 2.5 m
- ETO-sterilized
- double packed in sterile pouches
- up to 5 years sterile shelf life

custom special connectors and fiber types are available, too



Fiber diameter
core: 400 µm, outer diameter: 900 µm

Fiber tip
atraumatically rounded, short design
outer diameter 1.0 mm

Emission pattern
radial emission 360°

With its short design the LGO-Fistula Probe™ allows easy access also into a small and curved fistula tract. Inside the fistula tract the radial radiation destroys remnants of fistula epithelium and leads to controlled shrinkage of the surrounding tissue. Thus, the fistula tract is obliterated with only minimal side effects on the anal sphincter.

There is a marking on the LGO-Fistula-Probe™ for easy and precise contol over the insertion depth and pullback velocity. This probe has got maximum efficacy in the wavelength range of 980 nm and 1470 nm.


Permanent occlusion of complete fistula-in-ano which are pre-conditioned by seton drainage (here Parks Types I-IV) and at the non-inflammatory stage