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LGO is certified supplier acc. to DIN EN ISO 13485 of laser probes and medical fiber products.

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LGO Medical Laser fiber probes

LGO Bare Fiber / LGO Taper Bare Fiber:
Arthroscopy • Dentistry • Dermatology • Otorhinolaryngology • Gynecology • 
Ophthalmology • Urology
LGO Saturn Side Fibe: Phlebology
LGO-Hemorrhoid Probe™: Proctology
LGO-Fistula Probe™: Proctology
LGO Side Fire Fibers: Urology • Gynecology
LGO Gas/Liqiud-Cooled Fibers: Gastro • Lung • Liver

LGO Support


Contact Person Medical Business Unit

Manager Sales & Marketing
Mr Heinz Büchel
phone: +49 2226 15 85-19


Increase your view

'to increase' means te reproduce, to heighten, to intensify. For us it describes the claim of being the technological leader in the field of fiber optics, now and in the future. Modern process technology and state of the art draw towers, innovative ideas and intelligent solutions reaching far beyond the actual product level. We are ready for growth and innovation: Side by side with our customers.

Our experience of decades as well as the comprehensive technical knowledge in our production with more than 100 high-qualified employees enable us to meet any special requirements of our customers.

Besides standard products also tapered fibers or custom special connectors are also produced.

Medical Fibers

The standard design of our medical products include following features

- standard plug: F-SMA 905
- biocompatible materials
- ETO sterilized
- 5 years durability
- high mechanical reliability

For further questions please contact our team.