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The company LightGuideOptics has been founded on 15 December 2004. Using sophisticated technologies we manufacture medical fibers and fiber bundles for industry applications.

Because of the continuous strengthening of customer service and product range nowadays our performance is appreciated by customers world-wide.

In 2008 LGO founded a
Marketing & Sales Office in
the USA, California, to be a
competent and local partner
for our customers.

More than 100 employees with more than 20 years of experience in optical fibers manufacture here in Latvia fiber products of excellent quality.

Office California
Mr. Mick Speciale
1101 South Winchester Blvd.
Suite L-238, CA 95128 San Jose
Office: +1 408 244 06 86
Cell: +1 408 823 71 11
Fax: +1 408 244 07 14


Round 100 employees with more than 20 years of experience in optical fibers, manufacture products of excellent quality. We produce exactly according to your requirements. All steps of customized production process are realized in-house, from fiber drawing to manufacturing of all mechanical parts. Furthermore, we always choose the optimum technology to meet your requirements. To achieve this, we optimize each fiber for your applications and bundles concerning the diameter and technology used.

Our services

Best quality.

Excellent support for our customers.

Short delivery times.


LGO is certifed:
Certified according to DIN EN ISO13485

We manufacture for you

Optical fibers for UV and NIR range with different coatings like acrylate, nylon, teflon or polyamide.

Optical fiber cables with all standard connectors or customer-specific solutions.

Optical fiber bundles with different terminations like round to round or round to line, fused end bundles, sorted bundles.

High-power cables and systems for industrial applications like laser welding or marking.

Medical optical fibers and application systems.


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